Welcome to Ameriscan GPR

Ameriscan uses GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to determine the location and depth of objects embedded in the subsurface. In addition, the state of the art equipment that we use can detect voids beneath a surface or the corrosion of concrete. We have the ability to scan a variety of surfaces ranging from drywall, marble, concrete and earth.

Concrete Applications

Ameriscan GPR is equipped with Conquest ground penetrating radar technology which is non-destructive, non-invasive, and damage preventive.  Ameriscan GPR provides concrete imaging services and concrete structure inspections.
  • Determine location and depth of rebar, concrete wire-mesh, steel beams, post tension cables, PVC pipe, electrical conduits, steel pipes, cast iron pipes, and radiant heating tubes.
  • Determine voids beneath concrete slabs, slab thickness, bridge deck inspections, fractures, and structural integrity of concrete structures.
  • Concrete imaging surveys on walls, ceilings, floors, and columns requiring access to only one side of structure.
  • Conquest uses a non-harmful electromagnetic pulse with a 1000 MHz antenna, which consists of PCD (Power Cable Detector) sensor, drill mode, Grid 3D mapping mode, line scan mode for quick concrete evaluations, and a depth range of 16-24 inches.
  • Avoid costly damages, project delays, injuries, contingent liabilities, equipment damage and repairs.
  • Obtain knowledge of existing structures with immediate mark-outs of targets.
  • Quick, fast, cost-effective, rapid results for on-site decisions.

Utility Locating Applications

Ameriscan GPR is equipped with GSSI Utilty Scan DF ground penetrating radar units which have proven to be an excellent tool in locating and mapping active and abandoned underground utilities using electromagnetic pulse frequency:
  • Locate all utilities: gas, electric, fiber optics, sewers, concrete pipes, water, drain, telephone, and PVC – even in congested areas with high concentrations.
  • Our equipment can detect metallic and non-metallic utilities including, but not limited to storage tanks, vaults, cisterns, sewers and drums.
  • Used in archeology and forensic applications.
  • Surveys conducted on soil, rock, sand, gravel, pavement, and asphalt making our equipment highly portable, works independently on virtually any terrain or surface.
  • Directional excavation and trenching preventing damage to existing utilities eliminate expensive job downtime, facility shut down, structure damage, and worker injury.
  • Our equipment provides exact location of objects and accurate depth measurements including unknown utilities & objects without any prior knowledge.
  • Underground utilities pipe/cables identification.
  • Marking, staking, and tracing of underground utilities.
  • Ability to attain quick data acquisition surveys over vast amounts of area.
  • Provide safe non-destructive testing on concrete structures and all-terrain surfaces, safest practice of modern detection.
  • Provide data to steer equipment or tools both above and below ground safely.
  • Generates signals with transmitter to energize lines with no current.

Geophysical Environmental Applications:

Ameriscan GPR is equipped with GSSI Utilty Scan DF ground penetrating radar units that thoroughly analyze geophysical subsurface conditions.
  • Detailed analysis reports with extensive documentation of property.
  • Detect underground voids and sinkholes.
  • Detect moderate and severe soil disruptions.
  • Detect water tables or water infiltration in the subsurface.
  • Determine depth, location, and severity of soil conditions.
  • Determine soil conditions to differentiate normal and abnormal soil patterns.
  • Prevent structural damage to residential and commercial properties.
  • Prevent surfaces from collapsing.
  • Assists when filing insurance claims.
  • Provide property inspections through quick cost effective non-invasive means and practices.

Duct Hunter Traceable Rod & Sonde Service

  • Conventional methods are not effective sometimes especially when a pipe doesn’t have any metallic value to induce a current.
  • Locating utilities such as plastic (pvc), concrete storm drains, or sewers can be difficult to detect resulting in project delays or unplanned costs.
  • In order to address this problem, AmeriscanGPR has made an addition to our utility locating service capabilities. We are now equipped with a Traceable Duct Rod that contains a tracer wire and a transmitting sonde that is energized with a frequency that is then traced by our receiver.
  • Sondes can be placed at a problem point in pipes, which is able to detect blockages or collapses limiting excavations by pinpointing the location and depth.
  • Now we are able to trace metallic and non-metallic pipelines for a length of 300ft and a depth of 10ft.
  • We now can locate ductile iron, plastic, tile, sewer laterals, and concrete pipes increasing our versatility in the field.

Video Inspection Service

  • Another tool added to our arsenal in the complex utility locating field, is our Video Inspection Services.
  • Video Inspection of pipes, sewers, storm drains, and septic tanks by a high quality digital camera, which provides a live feed and recordings.
  • With this camera any pipe or conduit can be inspected now!
  • Our camera allows us to view the interior condition of a buried pipeline.
  • We can determine if a pipeline requires repair or if it requires immediate attention saving our customers money and preventing further damage.
  • When performing an inspection service  a usb recording of live feed from a pipeline, project information, observations, recommendations and notes are provided.
  • This becomes a useful tool for litigation where bad workmanship has occurred and quality of work is poor.
  • We are able to generate professional detailed reports for personal record or for submission.
  • If our customers receive a quote for repairs on a pipeline we can determine the accuracy of that quote and limit the amount of money spent by our inspection services.

What Makes Us Different

AmeriscanGPR can basically do anything in the utility locating field. We can guarantee that when we come to provide service for you we are coming with the most diverse and versatile inspection equipment available today.
  • Ameriscan’s technicians complete full training. Each specialist undergoes thorough instruction about the equipment’s operations, as well as interpretation of the data.
  • Ameriscan’s technicians must complete exhaustive safety training and are OSHA certified and have to complete mandatory monthly safety classes.

Benefits of Using GPR vs. Radiography (X-Ray)

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services are cheaper than radiography (X-Ray) because data can be gathered faster and the set up time is minimal.
  • GPR does not use radiation, so it is safe to use in any environment.
  • Prompt set up time.
  • Data is produced quickly and efficiently.
  • There is no limit to the size of the scan and the equipment requires to be set up only once.
  • GPR can reach hard to scan areas whereas radiography cannot.
  • Thousands of square feet of area can be scanned in one day.

Some company’s that Ameriscan has worked with are:

  • Hunter Roberts
  • NYC Parks Department
  • Structuretone
  • FDNY
  • Gilbane
  • Furino & Sons
  • Schimenti
  • WDF

Ameriscan professionals ensure:

  • Quick and accurate inspection of concrete floors, walls, decks, slabs, tunnels, balconies and garages