Our Projects

No. Project Client Scope of Work
1 Electrical Power Plant Used Dual Frequency GSSI GPR machine combined with Radio Detection RD700 unit to locate buried high voltage conduit to ensure safety of escavation for new construction.
2 World Trade Center Tower 1 Concrete Scan Supply Ground Penetrating Radar equipment with a technician to scan the designated areas on the slab for future core drilling penetrations. All areas are marked out in paint and followed up with a detail report for the structural engineers to determine if the proposed core locations will be safe to drill while minimizing the quantity of reinforcing rebar from being damaged or spliced.
3 GPR Utility Locating – South Nassau Hospital Ameriscan GPR provided concrete imaging services to locate electrical conduits inside the floor slab before saw cutting work takes place.
4 Hospital for Joint Diseases Scanned various floor locations in order to locate in-slab heating pipes and electrical conduits
5 Williamsburg Library Used ground penetrating radar unit to scan stone building front to locate steel reinforcement rods.
6 Christ Church Cemetery Surveyed cemetery in order to locate unmarked graves and ensure clearance from other obstructions prior to excavation.
7 LaGuardia Airport Scanned various locations in order to map rebar pattern and locate any in-slab conduits prior to core drilling.
8 Graphic Arts High School Located in-slab electrical lines and underground water lines prior to excavation.
9 NYU Dorm Building Performed video inspection of a waste line in order to check pipe condition and locate any cracks/deterioration.
10 Second Stage Theatre Located and traced various underground utility lines using ground penetrating radar and radiodetection.